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Experience the exceptional private jet service with no details left unattended.

Chartered Flights for Business and Leisure Purposes

Private Jet For Business

Work around tight schedules and attend several meetings or make numerous site visits in one day. We also provide our clients with the option of buying a block of time to be used according to their needs and wants.

Private Jet For Leisure

Create bespoke luxury holidays with our exclusive private jet charters. Whether it is for a weekend break or a whole family holiday in the Bahamas, ensuring a safe and hassle-free journey.

Effortless and smooth private flights

Luxury and comfort

Experience the highest level of luxury and comfort with our jet charters.

Safety and Security

We always strive to push the boundaries in safety and that is reflected on our perfect safety record.

All Around the Globe

The world is your oyster.No matter where you need to go, our team will make sure you get there safely and on time.

Experienced Crew

We pride ourselves in having an experienced team both in the air and on the ground.

Modern Aircrafts

Our fleet gets constantly updated and we carefully monitor and follow the advancements in technology.

Discreet and secure

We guarantee your privacy and we work closely with your security provider in all aspects of your charter.

Flying To Over 3.500 Destinations World Wide

Experience the highest degree of luxury and comfort with our jet charters. We offer the ultimate blend of the efficiency of an exclusive air charter service with the comfort and extravagance of luxury travel.

Our Fleet


10 passengers
Range km : 5.555,00
Length : 20.228 m
Wing Span : 19.328 m
Height : 7.06 m


5 passengers
Range km : 2.410,00
Length : 12.98 m
Wing Span : 14.20 m
Height : 4.19 m


5 passengers
Range km : 2.410,00
Length : 12.98 m
Wing Span : 14.20 m
Height : 4.19 m


6 passengers
Range km : 2.871,00
Length : 12.98 m
Wing Span : 14.33 m
Height : 4.27 m

San Marino Aircraft Registry

Eagle Express has an excellent cooperation with San Marino Aircraft Registry. Our long-range Dassault Falcon 900EX was registered on T7 (San Marino) Registry, which has brought to cooperation and 83bis contract between San Marino and Serbian CAA.


Therefore, all aircrafts registered on San Marino registry are able to operate under the Serbian AOC and fly commercial without a need to be registered on the Serbian registration.

The advantages of such agreement:
  • The Aircraft can be purchased through any privately owned company in Europe. and as a foreign company has a right to register aircraft in the San Marino registry.
  • The Aircraft then can be operated under the AOC of Serbian Company Eagle Express worldwide without restrictions.
  • Operating an aircraft under the Serbian AOC and San Marino Registration, implies that pilots with FAA License are also able to fly and work without restrictions within our Company and with this aircraft.
  • As a jurisdiction, when compared to most European/EASA jurisdictions, San Marino is far more flexible for operations.

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